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Chef Anita Jaisinghani Is Moving on From Indika

But there’s good news for Pondicheri fans.

Gary R Wise

All things must come to an end. That’s basically what chef Anita Jaisinghani told the Houston Chronicle about her decision to move on from her upscale Indian/Gulf Coast restaurant Indika in Montrose. The Chronicle reports that Jaisinghani and her Indika partner (and ex-husband) Ravi Jaisinghani sold the restaurant to a business partnership of Nepalese chefs who plan to continue running Indika.

“It's good news to me because I've wanted to move on from Indika for some time. Everything has a finish point,” Jaisinghani said. The chef said her focus is now entirely on modern Indian spot and Eater Houston 38 mainstay Pondicheri.

To that end, Pondicheri fans have something to look forward to next week: Jaisinghani is unveiling a whole new menu on Tuesday. Some favorite street food dishes will remain, but Jaisinghani says she wants to bring the Houston output to a “new level.” Raves for Pondicheri’s new NYC location must’ve set the gauntlet high.