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Chef Paul Qui’s Forthcoming Restaurant Aqui Will (Probably) Serve Lumpia, Pancit and More

The “modern Asian eatery” is totally in Qui’s wheelhouse

Aqui on Westheimer
Paul Qui/Facebook
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When it was announced that James Beard Award winning chef Paul Qui would be making his way to Houston, the city learned little more than an address: 520 Westheimer. Now, the chef has provided at least a small peek inside what he’s thinking of cooking up at Aqui, his forthcoming Montrose restaurant.

Via Twitter, Qui shared a scribbled menu with plenty of potential dishes for his newest restaurant. If you watched Top Chef or have dined at Qui’s restaurants in Miami or Austin, the plans that the chef has in mind aren’t all that surprising. If his early plans pan out and if the past is any indication, Qui will serve a solid selection of Filipino and Japanese dishes when he arrives in Houston.

Check out the post from the chef below:

If you need a little help reading the chef’s chicken scratch, it looks like Qui is working on a selection of small plates and “perfect bites” like pancit luglug (a dish of thick noodles traditionally served with shrimp sauce and toppings), lumpia, and tortang talong (eggplant omelet). Larger plates include bulalo steak (bone-in wagyu ribeye with taro mash and bone marrow gravy) and fire-roasted chicken with lemongrass and sweet chili sauce.

Construction is thoroughly underway on the Westheimer restaurant. Aqui is expected to make its debut later this Spring.