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The Minds Behind Eight Row Flint & Coltivare Appear To Be Opening A Pizzeria In EaDo

The project will likely land at East Village

What in the world are Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber working on?
Agricole Hospitality/Facebook
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It’s long been rumored that Agricole Hospitality, the restaurant group behind Eight Row Flint, Revival Market, and Coltivare, has been working on a distillery that would add a whole lot of booze to its stable of concepts. Now, details on a brand new project have emerged.

Swamplot reports that new renderings for the EaDo development East Village include a space marked for Agricole Hospitality. The renderings don’t offer much insight into the concept, but an LLC filed in February by a Houston-area attorney in Agricole’s name indicate that the restaurant will be called East End Pizzeria. Fortunately, the name offers a pretty good clue as to what kind of food will be on offer.

Eater reached out to a spokesperson for Agricole Hospitality, who declined to confirm or deny whether or not East End Pizzeria is in the works. That’s par for the course for the tight-lipped restaurateurs, especially considering how long those distillery rumors have been swirling.

Stay tuned for more details on exactly what Agricole has up its sleeve in the coming months.

East Downtown’s East Village To Get Even More Liquored Up [Swamplot]