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Oxheart Auctioned A Table At Its Final Night Of Service To Raise Money For Charity

Good guy Justin Yu kept it real until the bitter end

Oxheart Restaurant Houston Oxheart
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Like the weather, today is a little gloomy for Houston’s restaurant scene. After five years of serving up some of the city’s most creative fare, Justin Yu will shutter his award-winning eatery Oxheart, but not before pulling one last rabbit out of his proverbial hat.

A post to Oxheart’s Instagram account announces that Yu will auction off the single remaining table on the restaurant’s last night of service to one lucky Houstonian. The restaurant values the dinner, which includes wine pairings, at around $900, so you’d better get ready to pull out the credit card.

Check out the full post below:

Yu will donate all proceeds from the auction, which he says happened as a “last minute thing,” to an as-yet-unnamed charity. Considering how many local diners weren’t able to score a reservation in the restaurant’s final weeks, it should be expected that this auction will raise a huge chunk of change.

Eater has reached out to Yu to determine which charitable organization will benefit from the auction. Stay tuned for more details.