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Nasty Yelp Reviews Inspire Delicious Treats for Fluff Bake Bar’s Saturday Morning Bake Sale

If you’ve ever wanted a cannoli from the Sugar Hooker, this weekend is your chance

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These cookies were, according to Yelp, baked with hate
Fluff Bake Bar/Facebook
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Generally, treats like Fluffernutters and cookies aren’t exactly controversial. That is, of course, until you check out the bizarrely cranky Yelp reviews that grumpy (or confused) pastry enthusiasts have left on Yelp for Fluff Bake Bar.

Inspired by her favorite nasty reviews, Fluff Bake Bar owner Rebecca Masson plans to host a Yelp-themed Saturday Morning Bake Sale. During the sale, all treats will be inspired by a specific (and particularly ridiculous) review, like one left by a guy who was really, really upset that the bakery didn’t serve cannoli.

Masson hasn’t posted the full menu for the sale just yet, but she has teased a few of the baked delights she plans to serve on Saturday via social media. In addition to the cannoli, you’ll find a croissant stuffed with Louie Mueller beef rib (a response of sorts to one review that bashed Masson for using too much butter) and the bakery’s take on Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies.

We’ll update this post when Masson’s full menu for the Saturday Morning Bake Sale is released. In the meantime, gear yourself up a carb-laden breakfast that kicks off at Fluff Bake Bar at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Just keep in mind that these treats are “baked with hate” — at least according to Yelp.