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B&B Butchers Will Serve A Hot Dog Topped With Gold Leaf & Lobster In Celebration Of Opening Day

The “Break The Bank Frank” will set you back $124

This hot dog costs 124 American dollars
Courtesy B&B Butchers

Baseball season is just around the corner, which means that baseball fans will soon head to Minute Maid Park to cheer on the Astros while eating ridiculous stadium food. If you don’t have tickets to Opening Day, though, a trip to B&B Butchers might be in order

In celebration of Opening Day, the swanky Houston steakhouse will serve up a menu of hot dogs next week, each more ridiculous than the one before it. The Chef Tommy’s Dog, a Waygu frank topped with truffle-infused honey and bleu cheese, will be on offer, along with the Wellie Dog, which involves stuffing a hot dog and foie gras inside puff pastry a la beef Wellington.

The most ridiculous of these options, though, is the Break The Bank Frank. As its name might indicate, this hot dog is seriously over the top. A bun is toasted in truffle butter, then topped with a Wagyu hot dog, two ounces of A5 Japanese filet mignon, sauteed lobster, and truffled mustard beurre blanc. Flakes of 24-karat edible gold literally gild the lily.

If you’re a serious hot dog enthusiast with cash to blow, the Break The Bank Frank will set you back a cool $124. Whoever said that money can’t buy class clearly never saw the refined elegance of 24-karat gold flakes on top of a hot dog coming.

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