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Treadsack Insists That Bernadine’s & Hunky Dory Will Not Be Impacted By Bankruptcy Filing

Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen

Eater Inside: Hunky Dory
Hunky Dory Tavern
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The ongoing drama behind the scenes at troubled ownership group Treadsack Restaurants, has been the juiciest story in Houston’s restaurant scene in recent months. This week brought news that the company had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and now Treadsack is maintaining that everything is, well, hunky dory at its restaurants.

A lengthy announcement posted to the Bernadine’s Facebook page insists that Hunky Dory, Bernadine,s Down House, D&T Drive inn, and Johnny’s Gold Brick will remain open. “We’ve filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Hunky Dory and Bernadine’s so we can restructure our debt and continue to operate,” reads the post.

Check out the full explanation:

First thing’s first: Hunky Dory and Bernadine’s (as well as Down House, D&T, and Johnny’s) are open and will continue to...

Nai-post ni Bernadine's noong Huwebes, Marso 30, 2017

Notably, the post also makes a plea to its most loyal fans to stick with Treadsack in order to keep Bernadine’s and other spots open and preserve the jobs of the group’s 80+ person staff. Bankruptcy isn’t the only issue faced at Treadsack’s restaurants, though — in recent months, the group has lost former Foreign Correspondents chefs PJ & Apple Stoops along with the recent departure of Chef Richard Knight from Hunky Dory Tavern.

What will become of these restaurants remains to be seen.