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Underbelly Celebrates Five Years In Houston With A Whole Hog Ssam And Dunk Tanks

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Chris Shepherd’s restaurant will host a street food shindig this weekend

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In five years, Chris Shepherd’s Underbelly has done a lot to advance Houston’s reputation as a culinary destination. This weekend, Shepherd will celebrate the Montrose restaurant’s birthday with a seriously epic street food extravaganza.

On Sunday April 2, Shepherd will host Underbelly’s first-ever Street Food Carnival. The festivities will feature a ridiculous bounty of street food favorites from across the world, like vegetarian vindaloo pani puri, barbecue brisket, and a Korean-style whole hog ssam.

If the food isn’t enough to entice Houstonians to Montrose this weekend, the carnival will also offer Underbelly-style carnival games, like a dunk tank with the restaurant’s managers in the hot seat, ring toss, and balloon darts. There will also be a booth where Houstonians can score their very own hug from Chris Shepherd. Of course, it wouldn’t be a carnival without cotton candy and snow cones, the latter of which will be made with Underbelly’s housemade shrubs.

Underbelly’s Street Food Carnival kicks off at 1 p.m. on Sunday, April 2. Tickets are $45 each, and include tickets for five food items and three games.

UPDATE: Due to Houston’s ever unpredictable weather, the Street Food Carnival has been postponed until April 23.