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Pokeology Will Bring Sushi Donuts & More Bowls To The Heights This Summer

Two viral raw fish trends in one convenient location

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Poke is already the hottest (figuratively speaking) dish in Houston right now, but one of the city’s new shops has plans to capitalize on yet another viral raw fish trend: the sushi donut.

Pokeology owner Jason Liao tells Eater that the restaurant, which just opened its first Houston location in Rice Village, will serve the insanely popular sushi stunt dish at its forthcoming second location. The second outpost of Pokeology is currently slated to open its doors in the Heights at 2313 Edwards this summer, which may very well be the first opportunity that Houstonians have to try the sushi donut.

“I’m pretty old-school as a sushi chef and I was very against all these gimmicky things that are coming out because they’re just like, sacreligious,” says Liao. “My friends always tag me in videos or photos of these new trends, and I got tagged 8 or 10 times in one particular video about sushi donuts after I opened Pokeology.”

At that time, Liao was thinking of new dishes to add to the forthcoming Pokeology in the Heights, and after his photo of the sushi donut went (as he says) viral, he knew he had a winner. “I didn’t have to do the donut molds to make it, so I had to manipulate the rice with my maki roller and shape it out by hand,” he says. “It would be really hard to do at our first location, but since everybody is so interested, I’m just giving in and trying to figure it out.”

The sushi donut (and the second location of Pokeology) is set to make its debut in June or July if all goes according to plan.