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A Look Inside 006 Pizza

Hope you’re ready for Roman-style pizza.

006 Pizza
006 Pizza/Facebook

Culturemap Houston has an inside look at 006 Pizza, which peddles a pizza style that’s less familiar to Houston slice-lovers. Roman-style pizza — also known as “pizza alla pala,” because of how it’s manipulated in the wood oven in which it’s prepared — is a bit different from the usual, says chef Andrea Dal Monte, purveyor of 006.

Dal Monte himself is a native of the Italian capital, and explains that wood-fired Roman-style pizza is rectangular in shape and boasts a crust that is thicker and crispier than that of its circular (read: Neapolitan) pie cousins. The chef explains to Culturemap that it’s easy to eat with two fingers and was developed after WWII, when the price of bread was regulated by the Italian government and bakers were looking for new, innovative sources of income.

Dal Monte has been operating 006 for about six months now, and has kept busy learning how the city’s humidity affects his dough. He often finds himself hawking his wares outside of apartment buildings and says so far response is pretty good, and folks are responding to the crispier crust and the more al dente texture. Dal Monte is also keeping busy looking for a good spot to set up a brick-and-mortar spot for 006.