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NOLA’s Dat Dog Heads To Houston With Sriracha Smothered Sausages

These dogs are fancy, y’all

Dat Dog/Facebook
Crossing our fingers that this “Duck Special” dog will make an appearance on the Houston menu

Dat Dog has been slinging sausages to happy New Orleans residents since 2011. Now, after opening three popular outposts of the hot dog spot in Louisiana, Dat Dog is looking to expand its weiner empire to Houston.

QSR Magazine reports that Dat Dog will make a major expansion push in Houston, starting in 2018. The franchise group behind the expansion ambitiously hopes to open at least 25 location restaurants in Houston and its surrounding areas in the coming years, though no specific locations for any local outposts have been announced just yet.

Dat Dog is known in NOLA for its extensive menu of toppings that produce a bounty of creative hot dog combos. On the menu, diners will find intricately-topped dogs like the Guinness Special, made with Guinness sausage, andouille sauce, onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, and yellow mustard. If you’d prefer to make your own dog, choose your sausage, add some of the 30+ topping options, and put it all together with a bun.

No intel yet on when (or where) exactly Dat Dog will land first, but stay tuned for this exciting new addition to Space City’s hot dog scene.