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Amorino Is Hoping to Appeal to Health Nuts Who Like Sweets

Are “detox” and “dessert” mutually exclusive?

Have your “detox” bevvie and gelato, too!
Courtesy Amorino

In an effort to corner the health junkie with a sweet tooth market, Amorino has a new menu item: “green juice” in gelato form.

The frozen sweet is made from a blend of pureed kale, cucumber and pineapple among other fruits and veg, and the gelato chain — with a Houston location in River Oaks — says it’s completely organic (and vegan.) You can do it straight-up frozen and sippable as a drink, or you can have it crafted into the traditional Amorino gelato rose — an admittedly fetching pastel-hued faux floral.

While perhaps the frozen, sippable green juice makes sense somehow — seems healthy, right? — the gelato spot suggests topping the “healthy” seafoam-green gelato rose on a brand new gluten-free cone, finally topping it all off with a gelato-filled macaron. It’s probably a beautiful sight for health-food-weary eyes, but also, like, what?

Does ordering a dessert item with “detox” in the title, no matter how wonderful the ingredients, seem like a fun way to enjoy a post-meal treat? In our humble opinion, not really!