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Himalaya Accuses of Selling Coupons Without Its Consent

Owner Kaiser Lashkari calls the site “a scam.”

You won’t be able to buy these samosas with a certificate
Yelp/Michael S.
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

If you’ve recently purchased a discounted dinner at Himalaya from, it might be time to ask for a refund.

Himalaya owner Kaiser Lashkari tells Eater that the popular discount dining site has been selling vouchers worth $25 in pakoras and curry to unwitting customers without his consent. “It’s a scam,” wrote Lashkari in a Facebook post warning customers. “Please do not buy anything from them that is even remotely affiliated with the name of Himalaya Houston.”

At present, Himalaya Restaurant & Catering’s page on only appears as a blank white page, but cached versions of the site indicate that it was selling the $10 for $25 vouchers as recently as March 17. Lashkari says that is the exact coupon that at least a dozen customers have tried to redeem in his restaurant. “I once called and gave them a piece of my mind,” he says. “But all complaints have fallen upon deaf ears.”

Eater has reached out to for more details on how Himalaya ended up on the website, and what customers who have purchased a voucher from the site should do next. Stay tuned for more details.