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Okome Don Brings the Poke Trend to Bellaire Boulevard

This trend isn’t going anywhere

Okome Don’s “visually stimulating” bowls
Okome Don/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Houston is already home to a bevy of new poke shops, and the onslaught shows no signs of slowing down. In the coming weeks, a new eatery called Okome Don will add to the city’s growing line-up of raw fish focused spots.

A Facebook page for Okome Don indicates that it will open its doors at 9938 Bellaire Boulevard. Like most of the poke shops in Houston, Okome Don will allow diners to build their own poke bowls, starting with a foundation of brown rice, sushi rice, or salad. From there, scoops of fish, veggies, and other toppings are added.

Houston arrived a little late to the national poke trend, but that hasn’t stopped the classic Hawaiian dish from taking over Space City. More than a dozen poke-focused eateries have opened up across Houston and its suburbs in recent months, and even more are on the way.

Eater has reached out to Okome Don for more details on the restaurant and when it will arrive. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, hit up one of the city’s other currently-open shops for any serious poke cravings.