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The Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwich Of Your Dreams Now Exists In Houston

El Bolillo’s ‘uniconchas’ + Chocolate Wasted ice cream = YES

Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream Co./Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

As if there were a way to improve on the colorful perfection that is El Bolillo’s unicorn pan dulce, Houston ice cream truck Chocolate Wasted has officially found a way to make it better — by adding ice cream.

A representative for Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream tells Eater that the roving sweet shop has teamed up with El Bolillo to create the city’s first unicorn ice cream sandwiches. The “uniconchas” are sourced from the bakery, then sliced and stuffed with a couple scoops of ice cream and plenty of sweet and colorful toppings, like Fruity Pebbles and rainbow sprinkles.

The unicorn ice cream sandwiches made their debut this week at Frida Fest, and will return this weekend when the truck makes an appearance at Cinco De Mayo on the Esplanade at East End Market on Friday, May 5. No word yet on how long these unicorn pan dulce ice cream sandwiches will stick around, but don’t be surprised if they’re soon dominating Instagram feeds everywhere.