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Gun-Wielding Thieves Steal From Customers at The Union Kitchen

Fortunately, the suspects were quickly apprehended

Gary R. Wise
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On Saturday night, a duo of gun-wielding robbers reportedly stole from customers as they dined at The Union Kitchen’s newest outpost on Ella Boulevard.

ABC13 reports that the robbery occurred during dinner service on Saturday, when two masked men walked through the restaurant “calmly collecting” purses from the restaurant’s patrons. Mike Brown, a patron at the restaurant secretly called 911 when he realized that one of the robbers had a gun pointed directly at his 92-year-old grandmother.

The thieves were able to make off with plenty of loot, but were quickly tracked down by Houston police thanks to a cell phone that was in one of the stolen handbags. In a statement, the restaurant thanked the Houston Police Department and its staff for ensuring that no injuries occurred during the robbery.

Check out owner Paul Miller’s full statement on the incident below:

We are grateful to the Houston Police Department and our dedicated staff for keeping our loyal guests safe. Gr8 Plate Hospitality and The Union Kitchen are committed to keeping all guests and staff safe and we are proud to be a part of the Garden Oaks and Oak Forest communities.

This isn’t the first restaurant robbery in Houston to impact patrons. In July of last year, yet another duo of armed men stormed into the Cafe Express in River Oaks, demanding cash from the register, jewelry, and purses from the restaurant’s patrons and firing off two gunshots.

Fortunately, the suspects in this robbery were apprehended and all stolen goods were returned to their rightful owners.