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Valet Company Tows Customer Cars After Dispute With BB’s Cafe

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BB’s Cafe/Facebook

Valet is generally the safest of parking options, that’s not exactly how it worked for diners who used the service at BB’s Cafe in the Heights earlier this week.

On Wednesday night, a dispute between the restaurant and its former valet contractor resulted in the towing of eleven cars from the valet lot near BB’s Cafe, reports KHOU. Apparently, BB’s Cafe decided to end its arrangement with an unnamed valet provider, which meant that the lot where the cars were towed from wasn’t an “authorized” spot for the restaurant’s valets to park.

“BB's Cafe does not profit from any valet company that we partner with,” a spokesman for the restaurant told KHOU. “The situation that occurred was unbelievable and we are shocked that an individual would become so angry after we discontinued service with his company.”

Fortunately, it looks like the situation is being smoothed over. The restaurant has paid towing fees for all affected customers, paid for Uber rides home, and (of course) offered up some free food.

In the aftermath, BB’s Cafe said that it will file a complaint against the former valet provider.

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