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Night Market Is Getting a Thai Revamp

The former curry house appears to be going in a new direction

Night Market, soon to be Night Market Thai
Ellie Sharp/EHOU

Back in April, restaurateur Mike Tran (Tiger Den, Mein, Ohn Korean Eatery) closed up shop at his curry house concept Night Market in order to revamp the menu. Now, it appears as if Night Market is getting much more than a minor makeover.

Last month, Eater reported that Night Market was planning to open its doors as early as next week, but now it looks like the swap could take longer as Tran attempts to convert the concept into a Thai eatery. He’s largely kept tight-lipped on the changes, but an Instagram post points to Night Market’s transformation.

Check it out below:

Night Market Thai #workinprogress #opensoon #thaifood

A post shared by Mike (@_miketran) on

Tran also hasn’t really dished much on why Night Market needed a revamp. Since temporarily shuttering the restaurant, he’s since opened Ohn Korean Eatery to a great deal of praise.

Eater has reached out to Tran for more details on what the Night Market transformation is going to look like, as well as a planned timeline for the restaurant to reopen. Stay tuned for more details.

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