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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Is Landing in Cypress

Say hello to Sub Zero treats

This ice cream is made thanks to liquid nitrogen
Sub Zero/Facebook

Ice cream is going to get a heck of a lot colder in Cypress starting on June 30. That’s when Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream opens at 28920 Highway 290 in Suite H11 (which is in Fairfield Town Center.) Sub Zero operates dozens of shops around the U.S., and has a presence internationally, too.

Sub Zero is a liquid nitrogen flash-frozen ice cream chain (which is a thing, duh.) Patrons build their own flavors — starting with a base (choices include custard, lactose-free and vegan, among others, to appeal to many treat lovers.) Then it’s time to choose from flavors and add-in fruits, baked goods, candy or nuts. The mixture is then flash frozen in -321 degree liquid nitrogen. The whole shebang takes about two minutes to go from patron-picked mix to ice cream. Sub Zero also has pies, shakes and smoothies that are created using this science-y method.

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is not the first spot in town to offer the trendy ice cream — Creamistry opened in the Galleria area almost a year ago, in July 2016.

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