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Blood Bros. Barbecue Will Soon Have A Permanent Home

The popular pop-up is setting down roots on Bellaire Boulevard

Smoked briskets on iron grate shelves inside a barbecue smoker Blood Bros. Barbecue/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

After nearly three years of serving some of Houston’s most interesting smoked meats, Blood Bros. Barbecue is officially opening its first permanent restaurant.

Along with his partners Robin and Terry Wong, pitmaster Quy Hoang will open the first-ever physical location of Blood Bros. Barbecue at 5425 Bellaire Boulevard, reports the Houston Chronicle. It’s a natural move for the popular pop-up, which has cultivated a dedicated crowd of smoked meats enthusiasts who show up in force to score the city’s wackiest barbecue.

During its time as a pop-up, Blood Bros. earned rave reviews for its innovative spin on traditional Texas barbecue, which includes dishes like smoked pork banh mi, mac and cheese stuffed sausage and bacon-topped pulled pork sandwiches served on doughnut buns.

No definitive opening timeline for Blood Bros. Barbecue’s first location has been set, but expect for the restaurant to arrive in the next “7 or 8 months.”