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Hungry-Ass Bird Swipes Whataburger Fry Straight Out of Houston Area Teen’s Mouth

Anything for Whataburger, man

Fries over everything

While vacationing in Corpus Christi, a teenager from Houston suburb Alvin found out that birds really, really like Whataburger — the hard way.

In an Instagram video uploaded over the weekend, you can see a young man sort of taunting the birds with a Whataburger fry sticking out of his mouth, right up until the point that one of those daredevil gulls swoops in and snatches it right up. Check out the video, which is equal parts terrifying and hilarious, below:

Shawn is an idiot @shawnsteririno

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According to ABC Houston, the frynapping occurred over the weekend as students from Alvin were visiting a Corpus Christi Whataburger during their Spring trip. Considering the sheer deliciousness of the Texas fast food chain’s crispy french fries, it’s perhaps more surprising that the bird didn’t come back for seconds.

At present, police have not determined whether or not the bird will be charged with fly-by theft.

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