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Roka Akor Brings Sushi & Legit Kobe Beef To River Oaks Later This Month

The Japanese-inspired sushi & steak spot arrives at 2929 Weslayan

The Instagram-worthy sashimi platter at Roka Akor
Courtesy Roka Akor
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More than a year and a half in the making, Japanese steak and sushi restaurant Roka Akor will make its Houston debut later this month.

The restaurant will occupy a space on the ground floor of the 2929 Weslayan building in River Oaks. As previously reported, Roka Akor will offer a variety of ways for diners to get the full Japanese steakhouse experience, including tableside seating at a robata grill, two private dining rooms, a sushi bar, and a large outdoor patio that seats 100.

Houston already has plenty of steakhouses, but Roka Akor will be one of only a few that offers certified Kobe beef flown in straight from Tajima, Japan. Other heritage breeds, like Miyazaki from Kysho Island and Shiga from Hokkaido will also be on offer, along with American-raised beef from top-notch purveyors of Prime steaks like Snake River Farms and Greater Omaha. All of these cuts will be grilled over fancy charcoal on the restaurant’s robata grill.

Roka Akor will also offer omakase service complete with a selection of off-the-menu dishes and premium upgrades and plenty of fancy touches, like wasabi grated tableside and housemade soy sauce. Booze options will also be aplenty, including more than 60 different types of sake and Roka Akor’s housemade shochu flavored with blood orange, raspberry, and mango.

Roka Akor will open the doors for lunch and dinner service on Monday, June 26.

Roka Akor

2929 Weslayan Street, , TX 77027 (713) 622-1777 Visit Website