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Where Chefs Eat: The Pass’s Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan

When they’re not cooking haute cuisine, this chef duo enjoys pho, Gatlin’s BBQ, and more

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Welcome to the latest installment of Where Chefs Eat, a look at where the city’s best chefs spend their hard-earned money on food they didn’t actually have to cook. When they’re not serving up creative dishes at The Pass & Provisions, chefs Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan know how to eat well in Space City.

From barbecue to breakfast, check out these

Eater Houston: What's your favorite Houston barbecue joint?

Seth Siegel-Gardner: I really like the sausage at Gatlin’s, glazed ribs at Pinkerton’s and the chopped brisket sandwich at Goode Company.

Terrence Gallivan: Always a fan of Greg Gatlin’s BBQ, I recently tried The Pit Room and Pinkerton’s for the first time and really enjoyed both of them as well.

Where do you grab the city's best cup of coffee?

SSG: Cinnamon coffee at Hugo's

TG: Catalina for just a cup of coffee. But I really like going to Blacksmith for a cortado and the croissant egg and Benton’s bacon sandwich.

What about breakfast or brunch? Where's the best early meal in town?

SSG: My house. Nothing is open at 5:30am when my son gets up. We also like Juiceland for early mornings.

TG: I like El Rey for a quick bite. Obviously, Hugo’s is the king of brunch. Our family really likes to get soup for brunch. We’ll usually head to Le Baget for some pho and a sandwich, which we can walk to from our house, or lately, we’ve gone to Tatsu-ya for ramen.

What's your favorite Chinatown restaurant?

SSG: Huynh — in Old Chinatown.

TG: Mala Sichuan. I also like Nu Cafe for some shaved ice.

What's the restaurant you're most excited to see open in the next few months?

SSG: The new John Besh restaurant, Eunice.

TG: The next theme of One Fifth, Justin Yu’s new spot, and all the cool stuff the Agricole guys are cooking up in Eado.

Where do you go when you want to ball out (read: spend a lot of $$$) on a great meal?

SSG: Uchi, followed by 13 Celsius.

TG: I dont know that it qualifies as balling out, but we usually grossly over-order at Nidda Thai, and its always good.

Where does one find Houston's finest fried chicken?

SSG: The popcorn chicken at Rice Box.

TG: Toreore (inside HMART)

What's your favorite sandwich in town?

SSG: The real beef hamburger at Hay Merchant.

TG: Depends on the day. The Prego sandwich at Oporto is awesome. The Crunchy Chicken at Local Foods and the Doner me at Dogarz Doners are also some favorites.