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East End Hardware Keeps the Name, Changes Offerings

Boozy snoballs for all

A boozy snoball at East End Hardware
Tiffany N./Yelp

Folks heading to a place called “East End Hardware” looking for wrenches or nails may be in for a bit of a shock. These two items are no longer available — but you can get sno-balls infused with booze at this old-new spot.

East End Hardware is a new bar that took over an old hardware shop, keeping the name but ditching the tools, reports Houston Press. One of the main draws to East End is the presence of the New Orleans SnoWizard machine, a rather fancy contraption expert at taking plain frozen water and pumping out silky, fluffy ice. Add to that flavored syrups (and, at East End Hardware, booze) and you have a concoction that is the perfect foil for hot summer night (or days — no judgment.)

There are a handful of boozy snoballs on the menu — which also includes beer on tap and panini. The “tiger’s blood” snoball combines strawberry, cherry, watermelon and coconut with vodka. And the strawberry pisco snoball tastes like a spiked strawberry lemonade, notes Houston Press.