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The Drama-Plagued El Tiempo Cantina In Webster Is Apparently Happening Now

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The outpost was the subject of hotly-contested litigation

El Tiempo Cantina
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After closing Laurenzo’s earlier this month, restaurateurs Roland and Domenic Laurenzo will open the eighth outpost of El Tiempo Cantina in Webster later this year.

A press release announces that Roland Laurenzo and Dominic Laurenzo have apparently settled their differences with operators David and Jason Felt, both of whom were sued by the Laurenzos in federal court in 2014. When filed, the suit alleged that Felt’s restaurant group Liquid Gold Hospitality bounced $200,000 in checks to Dominic Laurenzo’s construction company Domco. Liquid Gold Hospitality responded with a lawsuit of their own alleging breach of contract and fraud, which has still not been adjudicated.

Harris County court records show that the parties are expected to head back into court in September, but Roland Laurenzo tells Eater that the lawsuits are over. “We settled all the lawsuits by forming a mutually beneficial partnership,” said Roland Laurenzo in an emailed statement.

Despite all this extensive drama, El Tiempo Cantina is set to open its doors sometime before Christmas 2017.