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Lee’s Creamery Is Getting Its Very Own Home In the Heights

More ice cream is always a good thing

These scoops are headed to the Heights...again
Petite Sweets/Facebook
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Currently only available at Petite Sweets and Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, restaurateur Lee Ellis’ Cherry Pie Hospitality is set to bring his creamy frozen treats to a standalone location in the Heights.

A tipster pointed Eater to permits filed for a remodel of the former Chippendale Eastlake Antiques building at 250 W. 19th Street, and all signs point to that location being the home of the very first outpost of Lee’s Creamery. With this latest addition, Ellis is continuing his takeover of the Heights, where he already operates Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, Pi Pizza, and Star Fish.

The dessert shop made its debut back in 2016, when Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts began serving up scoops between doughnut buns. The ice creams are also available at Ellis’ Petite Sweets. "Ice cream is my all-time favorite, go-to dessert. I’ve always wanted to develop an ice cream line and found the perfect ingredients to help me make this super rich, velvety ice cream," said Ellis when Lee’s Creamery made its debut.

Eater has reached out to Cherry Pie Hospitality for more details on Lee’s Creamery. Stay tuned for updates.