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Champagne-Obsessed Restaurant A’Bouzy Debuts This Week

So much bubbly awaits

Saucy pork belly at A’Bouzy
Becca Wright
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On Wednesday, Shawn Virene’s much-anticipated A’Bouzy will officially make its debut at 2300 Westheimer Road.

It’s the first restaurant for Virene as an owner, though he’s certainly got plenty of experience in the industry thanks to a lengthy stint as general manager of Brasserie 19. His latest venture, pronounced “ah-boozy,” is described as a “champagne-fueled” restaurant, and will serve up a seasonally-rotating menu of salads, Prime cuts of meat, and bivalves from a large raw bar.

Of course, the bubbles and other bottles will really dominate the menu, which will feature more than 1,000 bottles sourced from vineyards across the globe. According to Virene, many of the Champagnes and sparkling wines on the list will be sold at an affordable price point, starting at $12, which will allow Houstonians to explore their favorite bubbly wines. Ballers will also have plenty of options, including a bottle of sparkling that’s priced at a totally reasonable $2,000.

A’Bouzy will kick open the doors on Wednesday, August 2. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner.