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Check Out The Hay Merchant’s First Ever Cocktail Menu

The craft beer bar’s selection of boozy drinks launches today

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Julie Soefer Photography

Starting today, The Hay Merchant will officially begin serving up its menu of potent, liquor-based libations for the first time ever.

The menu was originally expected to arrive last month, but permitting delays pushed back its debut. Patrons have been able to order simple drinks, like vodka tonics, for the past few days, but the intricate menu developed by Westin Galleymore wasn’t fully ready to go until this week.

The drink offerings are as inventive as fans of The Hay Merchant have come to expect from this popular Montrose bar, mixing together trendy ingredients like matcha with crowd-pleasing spirits like honeysuckle-infused vodka. Look forward to drinks like the honey-obsessed Fighting The Bees, mixed with lavender honey and honeysuckle vodka, and the Green Geisha, a mix of dry gin, lime, and matcha. The H-Town Slammer, made with Southern Comfort, Sloe gin, lime and orange soda, is sure to become a happy hour favorite.

Without further ado, scope out The Hay Merchant’s brand new cocktail menu below. For fans headed next door to Underbelly, the restaurant’s cocktail offerings are set to launch on September 4.