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What’s Going On At Skinny Rita’s?

Apparently, the eatery is rebranding

Skinny Rita’s Grille has shuttered suddenly under murky circumstances, and everyone has questions.

The South American eatery, which always aimed to be a healthier, vegetarian-friendly alternative to the traditional Tex-Mex that dominates the Houston dining scene, shut down its original location at 4002 N. Main Street, according to Swamplot. The restaurant’s Montrose location closed its doors earlier this year.

A sign posted to the restaurant’s door indicates that the closure is only temporary, and that Skinny Rita’s will use that time to “rebrand.” As pointed out by one miffed would-be customer who left a handwritten message on the posted sign, the restaurant’s voicemail also fails to mention the closure.

Skinny Rita’s, the brainchild of original Ruggles Green cofounder Randy Bower, first opened its doors in 2014. At its inception, Bower said the restaurant would aim to include as much organic and farm-to-table fare as possible.