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Houston Rappers Shower Local Whataburger Patrons With Cash

Making it rain honey butter chicken biscuits, y’all

Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Over the weekend, two Houston rappers made it rain in a local Whataburger, and not surprisingly, video of the footage has gone viral.

Last Saturday night, Denzo and Trillzaee made their way to a Whataburger in Missouri City, where they proceeded to jump up on a bench and shower over $1,000 on patrons soaking up their booze with Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits. Not surprisingly, the (probably drunk) diners swarmed the floor and the rapper alike trying to score their share of the cash.

Check out video of the frenzy below, complete with a little NSFW language.


WHATABURGER CASH DROP: Two Houston rappers threw a thousand dollars in cash at customers in a Missouri City Whataburger.

Posted by HTown Happy Hour on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Then yesterday, Denzo and Trillzaee surprised a Whataburger in Pearland, dropping an equally exorbitant amount of cash. “I just stood on the table, and threw the money and everybody just went crazy,” Trillzaee told KHOU. “They were pushing each other and stuff.” The videos have since racked up thousands of videos on Facebook and Twitter, making it the definition of a successful viral marketing stunt.

It’s also pretty clear that Houston rappers have an obsession with Whataburger. Earlier this year, local rapper Fat Tony dropped an ode to the late night fast-food staple, which was, admittedly, fire. No word yet on whether or not Denzo and Trillzaee have plans to expand their stunt into yet another Whataburger anthem.

At present, both rappers say that they’re taking requests for new Whataburger locations to visit.