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Score A Taste of Feges BBQ Before it Officially Debuts in Houston

The forthcoming barbecue joint will pair smoked whole hog with wines

Pitmaster Patrick Feges
Feges BBQ/Facebook
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As the duo prepares to open their forthcoming restaurant, Patrick Feges and Erin Smith will serve up a first taste of Feges BBQ this weekend with a whole hog roast at Camerata in Montrose.

Departing her role at Camerata, the event is a going away party of sorts for Smith, who is leaving the popular wine bar in order to focus on getting Feges BBQ open in the coming months. While at the bar, Smith trained extensively in the world of wine, which means that the pork and brisket at Feges BBQ will be paired perfectly with wines, something that isn’t exactly common in the world of barbecue. “Bubbles are a great pairing for barbecue,” Smith said in a statement. “I think moderate acid, rich fruit, and medium to light body wines, particularly bubbles, are the best option.”

At present, both Smith and Feges are hard at work in getting their first-ever barbecue restaurant ready to go, hosting pop-ups at spots like Holler Brewing, Grand Prize Bar, and a recent dinner in Austin that raised cash for Hurricane Harvey relief. Back in August, Feges told Eater that a lease had not yet been signed for the restaurant’s space, which means that it’s likely still at least a few months away from officially making its Houston debut.

In the meantime, though, barbecue fans can go see what Feges BBQ is all about on Sunday, September 17 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Camerata. Each plate is $20, and includes pulled whole hog and sides.