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Night Market Will Reemerge As A Thai Restaurant Next Week

Owner Mike Tran is bringing the revamped restaurant back

Night Market/Facebook
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After shuttering his restaurant Night Market for a total revamp, Houston restaurateur Mike Tran is preparing to debut a Thai take on the former curry house.

In a comment on the restaurant’s Instagram account, Tran says that Night Market is set to reopen sometime next week. As Eater reported back in June, Tran closed the restaurant at 9630 Clarewood in order to make “revisions” to Night Market’s kitchen and menu, which eventually culminated in a total transformation of the original concept.

Via that Instagram account, Night Market has been teasing the dishes that will soon be available at the restaurant, like crab fried rice, larb gai, and duck red curry. The restaurant also appears to be making its very own beef jerky, along with (of course) a rendition of pad thai. Along with the menu, it also appears that the interior has gotten a bit of a revamp.

Scope out the new interior below:


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Eater has reached out to Tran for more details on Night Market’s debut. Stay tuned for an official opening date.

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