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Blue Bell’s New Pink Camouflage Ice Cream Hits Shelves Today

This ups the ante on last year’s Camo n’ Cream

Blue Bell

The Blue Bell Camo n’ Cream novelty flavor that launched last year was just the beginning. Today, Texas’s favorite ice cream manufacturer announced the launch of a new version of the camouflage ice cream...and it’s pink! Blue Bell channeled the pink camouflage seen on ball caps and sweatpants everywhere and turned it into an ice cream.

The carton really nails it, but is the ice cream just Neapolitan? Not quite. It’s strawberry, milk chocolate, and cream cheese ice cream all swirled up. The original Camo n’ Cream flavor is pistachio-almond, chocolate, and cream cheese ice cream, so it seems like Blue Bell has a pattern when making camo ice cream.

Hunters, pink camo fans and strawberry ice cream lovers alike, get ready because Pink Camo ’n Cream Ice Cream is hitting shelves today.

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