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Houston Restaurant Weeks Will Run Through September, and Some Servers Are Worried

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Not everyone is happy about the extension


Houston Restaurant Weeks, the Houston Food Bank fundraiser that offers diners discounted dinners, brunches and lunches, is now running through September 30. The extension is due to “popular demand,” according to the Houston Restaurant Weeks site, which reads:

“The original dates for HRW were August 1 to Sept. 4. In August 2017 Houston suffered through Hurricane Harvey. The Houston Food Bank needs us now more than ever. “

Restaurants can choose whether or not to opt in and agree to serve HRW meals for the rest of the month.

Buts the Houston Press’s Gwendolyn Knapp sees two ways of looking at the extension. On one hand, the deals could encourage diners to go out to eat and replace income lost during Hurricane Harvey as Houston restaurants get back to business.

But servers who rely on tips might face lower pay thanks to the lower prices of restaurant tabs — a hardship after Harvey. The Houston Press uncovered a heated Facebook thread where a server wrote: “We all just got hit by a hurricane. Tipped employees get no sick days or vacation pay. If the restaurants aren’t open we don’t get paid. So this storm just cost us all a week’s pay.”

That debate aside, in an effort to clear up any questions about which restaurants are extending their schedules, Houston Restaurant Week just posted this on Facebook indicating that diners should check its website. But it’s a “work in progress,” and the best bet is to call the restaurant first and ask.

Houston Restaurant Weeks

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