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After Closing In EaDo, Pappa Charlies Plots A Move to Cypress

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The popular barbecue joint is getting a new home

Scott S./Yelp
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When Pappa Charlies shuttered last month, fans of the barbecue spot’s brisket and sides were devastated. Fortunately, the arrival of 2018 brings the excellent news that Pappa Charlies is plotting a comeback.

In an audio update posted to Anchor, owner Wesley Jurena told barbecue enthusiasts that his restaurant is planning to reopen soon in Cypress. According to Jurena, the location in EaDo ultimately just wasn’t a good fit for the restaurant, leaving it with a “subpar” parking situation and an inability to expand its pit capacity. The brick-and-mortar outpost on Rusk Street opened in 2015.

“It was time for us to do something different. For those of you who complained that we were too far in town, hopefully you don’t complain that we’re too far out of town,” Jurena says. “We’re moving way out 290, moving almost all the way to Grand Parkway. Excited to be there.” The new location will offer space for live music, along with a “smoked meat bar menu” that will be on offer in the evenings.

Eater has reached out to Pappa Charlies for more details on when the Cypress location will debut and what the menu is going to look like. Stay tuned for an update on its arrival.