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Los Tios Mexican Restaurant Returns After Being Shuttered By Hurricane Harvey

The restaurant is back up and running, but employees are still recovering

Los Tios/Facebook

After spending the last four months repairing damage from Hurricane Harvey, Los Tios Mexican Restaurant is back.

The restaurant will celebrate its grand reopening at 4840 Beechnut on Wednesday after months of remodeling. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Los Tios was flooded with several feet of water, causing extensive damage to the 31-year-old restaurant. Outside of the structural damage, owner Gary Adair says that his employees were stuck inside the restaurant, ultimately requiring assistance from first responders to make it across the flooded street.

“When they left the restaurant to go home, they discovered that all their cars had been flooded in the parking lot. A few would find out later that they also lost their homes,” Adair said of the day Harvey hit in a statement. “They would report later that the water flowing down Beechnut was chest high and flowing so fast, it reminded more the one employee of white water rafting in Colorado, making the street impossible to cross and stranding more than a dozen employees in the restaurant where they spent a sleepless night.”

As such, Adair plans to donate 100% of proceeds from Wednesday night’s opening party to the employees who were impacted by Harvey. Fortunately, the restaurant’s employees were not injured in the storm, and were able to transfer to other Adair-owned restaurants as the Beechnut outpost of Los Tios was repaired.

The party kicks off at Los Tios on Wednesday, January 27 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The newly renovated entrance at Los Tios - Beechnut
Courtesy Los Tios Mexican Restaurant

Workers renovate Hurricane Harvey damage at Los Tios - Beechnut
Courtesy Los Tios Mexican Restaurant