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Check Out The Menu at Chef Robert Del Grande’s New Spot For A Slab of Prime Rib

The Prime Room has arrived at Cafe Annie

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Houston culinary icon and James Beard Award winner Robert Del Grande is transforming the first floor of his restaurant Cafe Annie into The Prime Room, Houston’s newest destination for a slab of perfect prime rib.

The chef’s newest restaurant made its debut last Friday, occupying 36 seats on the “underutilized” ground floor of Cafe Annie at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard. “It only took eight years, but we’re finally doing something with this downstairs space,” Del Grande said in a press release announcing the new venture. “I’ve always wanted to execute a concept with a more intimate and clubby vibe, and the first floor offered the perfect opportunity.”

As far as the food is concerned, diners can look forward to an intense focus on Prime rib. The cut will be served in 10 and 14-ounce slabs, and served with horseradish cream sauce, popovers, and butter pan jus. A special “Prime Room sea salt” and “exotic pepper blend” will accompany each plate, because the average stuff from a shaker just won’t do. Alongside the beef, Del Grande will serve house-smoked salmon, shrimp cocktails, and oysters on the half shell via a mobile raw bar cart that can be wheeled to each table.

The Prime Room is now open for dinner service Monday through Saturday. Before making a reservation, scope out the first menu for The Prime Room below.