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Fluff Bake Bar Officially Reopens This Weekend

Owner Rebecca Masson will celebrate with a Saturday Morning Bake Sale

These cookies are back
Fluff Bake Bar/Facebook
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After being closed for more than two months, Fluff Bake Bar is ready to make a triumphant return to Midtown this weekend.

Owner Rebecca Masson announced the bakery’s return on Fluff Bake Bar’s Instagram account. Back in October of last year, Fluff was forced to close its dining room at 314 Gray Street after a pipe burst in the apartment building above and filled the space with water. Now, after replacing the drywall and other renovations, Masson is now officially planning to re-open the doors for good.

Masson will celebrate the grand opening with one of her Saturday Morning Bake Sales, this time featuring popular Texas beef purveyor 44 Farms. According to Houstonia, pastry enthusiasts will be able to score fried egg-topped fajita tostadas, pretzel rolls stuffed with brisket and pimento cheese, and a Prime rib Benedict sandwich.

Fluff Bake Bar is set to reopen its doors on Saturday, January 20 at 10 a.m. The full Instagram announcement is below: