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The Bistro-Café Leeland House is Up and Running in EaDo

Cheryl Crider & Co.’s new spot for Southern hospitality

Leeland House

The back-porched and chicly decorated cocktail slinger Around the Corner from Cheryl Crider’s Neighborhood Hospitality group (Bar 5015, Down the Street) now has a new neighbor to call their very own: Leeland House, a neighborhood bistro that combines wine lists with Lowcountry and French cuisines. The location opened a little over a week ago in what used to be Arlo’s Ballroom (RIP) to positive acclaim online so far.

Speaking of which, the menu is coming from chef Jennifer Hoffman. Judging by the saucy and bursting-at-the-seams images she shares of Leeland House’s plates on Instagram, there’s more than one delicious reason to visit the joint: Either enjoy their breakfast during the week for the likes of shrimp and grits or creme brûlée french toast, or lunches of salads and brisket sandwiches.

What’s more is that while many restaurants can hold off on brunch services until they have the mileage of a few months under their hoods, Leeland is coming out swinging; services are already underway and available on the weekends, with creations such as a chicken florentine crepes. It doesn’t stop there, as a past interview with manager Ashley Apple reports that yet another menu—this one for happy hour—that will feature options such as charcuterie boards and fondue to pair with the wine.

The 40-seater space is one that figures itself as a bistro on one hand and a café on the other, becoming another notch in Crider’s belt for cozier establishments. That means the restaurant engenders nights of boozy revelry and good food, the doors are also open during the day for more sober times spent in front of a laptop. All this may soon change when Leeland’s back patio is completed, as it will provide additional space for diners and be available for private parties; perhaps one half of the day may win out over the other.