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Houston Mural Celebrates Beto O’Rourke’s Undying Love of Whataburger

The Texas Senate candidate has repeatedly dined at the beloved burger chain

Willie Nelson joins Beto O’Rourke At Campaign Rally Photo by Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images
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Like most Texans, Beto O’Rourke is a fan of burger chain Whataburger, and his love for the orange-striped paradise has been immortalized in a new Houston mural.

O’Rourke posted a photo of the EaDo mural on his Instagram account on Thursday, and it’s been racking up the likes. The mural was painted by artist Gage Kelsey, who’s showed his work at multiple Houston galleries, and it’s quickly becoming a popular selfie destination in Houston if the hundreds of photos tagged with #Whatabeto are any indication.

O’Rourke has demonstrated his extreme affection for Whataburger on multiple occasions, including the time he skateboarded in the parking lot of a Brownsville restaurant, and air-drummed to “Baba O’Riley” by the Who in the drive-thru line of a Dallas location. It’s unclear whether or not his opponent, incumbent senator Ted Cruz, is a fan of the chain, but perhaps not — earlier in the race, Cruz’s campaign disdainfully described O’Rourke as a “triple meat Whataburger liberal,” whatever the hell that means.

Texans head to the polls on Tuesday, November 6. Scope out the mural in all its glory below:

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