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Ham Bánh Mì Is a Labor Of Love at This New Vietnamese Sandwich Shop

See menu items from Mai’s Baguettes, which hosts its grand opening on October 28

Bánh Mì Jambon at Mai’s Baguettes
All photos by Kenneth Le

Everything on the menu at soon-to-open Vietnamese sandwich shop Mai’s Baguettes will be made from scratch — from the mayonnaise to the deboned stuffed chicken. That’s what owner Truong Le says will set his bánh mì shop apart from the competition, and everything on the menu has a special place in his heart.

There are the cold cut meats his mom made for Christmas dinners in Vietnam (“She’s 84 and she still cooks daily,” Le told Eater), and the bánh mì ga (shredded chicken sandwiches) that Le’s family used to serve at their very busy sandwich shop in Saigon in 1990.

Le is bringing her recipes to Houston with his first restaurant in Saigon Plaza on Bellaire Boulevard, which will host its grand opening on October 28. The menu will include sandwiches topped with veggies, that homemade mayo, pate, and proteins like shredded chicken, pork belly, grilled pork, and Mai’s ham.

There are also a few items that Le thinks will really stand out. “I don’t think anyone in Houston serves this deboned stuffed chicken,” he told Eater. Mai’s Baguettes is going put their own spin on Vietnamese coffee too, with a version inspired by San Francisco chain’s Philz Coffee Mint Mojito flavor.

Mai’s Baguettes is located at 10613 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite A125 and the hours will be from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

Pate, jambon, and deboned chicken at Mai’s Baguettes
Kenneth Le
Mai’s Breakfast with two eggs, ham, and deboned chicken
Kenneth Le
Sữa Bắp (corn milk), coffee, and tea drinks at Mai’s Baguette
Kenneth Le