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Two New Dessert Shops Are Slinging Monster Milkshakes Loaded With Toppings

Houston’s dessert scene is booming

Shake It Up/Facebook

Two new dessert shops slinging milkshakes and more are descending on Space City to satisfy Houston’s insatiable sweet tooth.

Shake It Up, a roving milkshake bar on wheels, will debut its shakes at the Fulshear Farmers Market tomorrow. Shakes range in price from $8 to $15 and offer an assortment of desserts in one glass. Shakes are topped with cupcakes, lollipops, cotton candy, and cookies, after the glass rims are dunked in chocolate fudge, Reese’s Pieces, Oreos, and marshmallows to name a few ingredients. The “Peanut Butter Bliss” is one such shake — it starts with a blended peanut butter brownie milkshake and is served with a Nutella-dipped rim covered with Reese’s Pieces. As if that weren’t enough, it’s topped with a pretzel rod, brownie, peanut butter cups, and whipped cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.

While just this week, Heaven in a Jar debuted in Sugar Land at 3159-B Highway 6 South. This dessert shop slings milkshakes, mouse cakes, smoothies, and acai blends in glass jars. Mouse options include a Snickers cheesecake, red velvet, and smores cheesecake, alongside Oreo or mocha milkshakes. Decidedly healthier options include the handful of kale, beet, and ginger-infused smoothies or acai jars served up with blueberry, strawberry, and banana with a host of toppings to choose from.

These two new arrivals contribute to an already booming local dessert scene. Check out some more of the recent additions below: