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A Buzzy Korean Barbecue Chain Will Bring A Carnivore’s Paradise to Midtown

Gen Korean BBQ is making its way from SoCal

Gen Korean BBQ/Facebook

Gen Korean BBQ House, a splashy Southern California chain for table-side grilled meats, is making its way to Midtown for its first Houston-area location.

The barbecue joint operates a dozen eateries across Southern California, plus several more in Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Its expansion shows no signs of slowing — additional locations are planned for North Texas, Northern California, and Hawaii. Gen’s Dallas location is a showstopper with its electric blue lighting and ultra-mod interiors featuring white tufted leather booths. The all-you-can-eat menu offers three dozen items like Korean fried chicken, cajun shrimp, tofu stew, marinated short rib, and spicy pork belly that diners grill at their tables, plus a number of banchan veggie-based small side dishes to accompany the onslaught of meat.

There was speculation that Gen would debut in the hot new Katy Grand development since a Korean barbecue is slated for that area, according to leasing documents, but it won’t be Gen. Katy Grand is owned by NewQuest Properties, which is also responsible for a buzzy Asian food development in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton. The extremely busy dining destination welcomed Gen Korean BBQ House in 2016 along with 85C and Kura, (the latter two are on the docket for Katy Grand). Whichever Korean barbecue restaurant ends up at Katy Grand will join a bevy of exciting Asian eateries there including a Japanese creperie, 85C Bakery, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, and a Chinese hot pot chain.

Stay tuned for Gen’s official Midtown opening date and hours of operation.