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The Chefs Will Constantly Change at a New Eatery in the Original Beaver’s Space

Chopped champion Chef Evelyn Garcia will be the first resident chef

Chef Evelyn Garcia is known around Houston for her Asian food pop-ups
Cat Modlin-Jackson/EHOU

Vinegar Hill Houston, a new permanent restaurant featuring rotating chefs, will debut in the former original Beaver’s space next month.

The new venture from original Beaver’s partners Adam Brackman (Axelrad Beer Garden) and Chef Monica Pope (T’afia, Sparrow) will open at 2310 Decatur Street in the Old Sixth Ward Historic District. The restaurant’s name comes from the district’s moniker in the 1800s. It will occupy a former 1970s icehouse which was revamped by designer Gino Vian who’s worked on interiors for Merchant & Market, Field & Tides, Emmaline, and Belle Station. Interiors are described as “sleek vintage meets modern” and will seat 120 diners between the inside and outside.

Pope will oversee regular kitchen operations, and guide chefs through three-month residencies on how to run a kitchen and restaurant before striking out to potentially open their own establishments. Resident chefs will create a menu of small bites for Vinegar Hill while being responsible for a separate 30-seat dining area with a dedicated kitchen that churns out their creations.

Pop-up chef Evelyn Garcia, who won Chopped in 2014, will be Vinegar Hill Houston’s first chef-in-residence. “The opportunity to take my craft from a tent and portable stoves into a full kitchen and dining room to showcase what I am capable of is a thrilling opportunity,” said Garcia, who’s been known for her Southeast Asian cuisine. Shawn Busch, formerly of Underbelly Hospitality, will serve as General Manager and is currently searching for a bar manager to head up the cocktail program, according to a press release. The bar program will focus on “innovative” cocktails and local craft beer.

Vinegar Hill Houston is also experimenting as an “alternative co-working space,” with coffee and biscuits produced by Pope, and opportunities to reserve a table on a regular basis. “Our goal is for Vinegar Hill Houston to be known as an institution that cultivates and nurtures individuals with talent of all types – from chefs and bartenders to artists and small-business owners,” said Brackman.

Stay tuned for Vinegar Hill Houston’s official November opening date and hours of operation.