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Fire-Damaged Heights Restaurant Presidio Hosts Its First Pop-Up Tonight

Get chicken wings and a backyard burger tonight at Ladybird’s


The team behind Presidio is determined to rebuild after a devastating fire this weekend forced the Heights restaurant to close its doors. Presidio will host its first pop-up tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Ladybird’s at 5519 Allen Street, with the goal of raising money to help its employees who out of work due to the fire. Chef Adam Dorris said in a statement:

On the morning of September 27, our restaurant was damaged by a fire. The old building took a heavy blow but we are determined to rebuild and get back to work serving our neighbors. We are hosting this pop-up with some of our favorite bar bites at our sister bar Ladybird’s to help raise funds for our hourly employees and to do what we love most; feed our friends. Thank you for your continued support while we rebuild.

For diners who want to help out (while eating well), the pop-up’s menu will include dishes like $12 coriander-spiced pork ribs with a honey citrus glaze, a $15 grilled “Backyard Burger” with tater tots, $10 orders of chicken wings, and desserts like five leches cake and cinnamon crumble coffee cake.


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