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Ice Cream-Stuffed Pastries Are Headed to Katy Grand

Get these adorable fish-shaped cones at Somi Somi

Kathy C./Yelp

Somi Somi, a Southern California chain for fish-shaped cones stuffed with colorful soft-serve, is en route to the growing Katy Grand development.

The chain recently opened its first outpost outside of Cali in Hawaii and has plans to bring its lactose-free desserts to Texas, with outposts planned for both Houston and Dallas. The shop serves both Japanese taiyaki (fish-shaped cakes filled with custard, cheese, Nutella, or red bean paste) and Korean boong uh bbang, which are similarly-shaped goldfish pastry cones stuffed with the above ingredients before being finished off with soft serve and toppings. Ice cream flavors include matcha, Oreo, milk tea, ube, and black sesame, to name a few, which can also be swirled together to make an infinite number of combinations. At its Cali outposts, toppings on offer at Somi Somi include sprinkles, fruity cereals, macarons, strawberries, and more.

When Somi Somi debuts, it will join other Asian-influenced eateries at Katy Grand including a Chinese hot pot chain known for lavishing customers with manicures and shoe-shines, plus 85°C Bakery and Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, along with a handful more food-focused tenants that have yet to be announced. It also joins a bounty of Houston-area sweet shops in serving taiyaki, including Sul Bing Su, which opened nearby at Katy Asian Town in August.

Stay tuned for Somi Somi’s official opening date and the rest of the eateries slated for Katy Grand.