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A Beloved Houston Chinese Barbecue Counter Returns

The popular Long Sing Supermarket has opened a standalone restaurant

Courtesy Siu Lap City

The family behind now-defunct Long Sing Supermarket and its popular Chinese barbecue counter just opened a new spot for their standout eats in Midtown.

Siu Lap City debuted this week at 2808 Milam Street Suite F, bringing with it the Chinese barbecue and lunch specials that put its EaDo supermarket predecessor on the map and made it a favorite of the founder of Theodore Rex and Oxheart Justin Yu. This time it’s all enclosed within a petite space that seats about 25 diners.

On Milam Street, diners will find a brief but solid menu of rice plate lunch specials made with either steamed or fried rice, two choices of meat, and a vegetable. Meat options are barbecue pork or ribs, roasted pork or pork belly, roasted or peking duck, steamed or soy sauce chicken, plus beef tripe and braised organs. Veggie offerings include stir fried broccoli or baby bok choy, among other options. As far as drinks go, this spot is sans alcohol, but has a large assortment of canned beverages found both here and abroad like Yeo’s and Foco juices and teas along with American sodas, flavored waters, and more.

EaDo neighborhood favorite Long Sing Supermarket closed up shop in the summer of 2017 due to impending freeway construction. Sisters Anna Woo and Sheila Rivas continued their parents’ efforts, but ditched the market with their new project since people mostly went to the supermarket for the barbecue counter, Rivas tells Eater.

Siu Lap City is now open and operates daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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