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Hero Subway Employee Defends Herself With a Box Cutter During Robbery

Don’t mess with Guadalupe Rojas

Subway Sandwich Chain Planning 500 New Stores By 2020 Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

When two masked men tried to rob a Houston location of Subway earlier this year, 44-year-old Guadalupe Rojas promptly showed them the error of their ways with a beatdown and a box cutter.

Recently-released footage of the attempted robbery at a Subway outpost shows the men jumping over the counter of the Subway on Westheimer Road and attacking Rojas, who used the box cutter to defend herself, according to KPRC. In the video, the as-yet-unidentified perpetrators can be seen threatening Rojas with a metal tray, then physically attacking her and a fellow employee.

Rojas escaped the attack without any major injuries, but did apparently manage to slash one of the thieves with the box cutter. Disappointingly, Subway reportedly did not give Rojas, a grandmother of nine, a raise for her efforts, but she did apparently receive the opportunity to work more hours, which doesn’t quite seem like adequate compensation for this kind of valor.

Check out footage of the incident below: