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A Chinese Noodle Chain Will Debut at Bellaire Food Street

Shi Miao Dao’s first Texas outpost is set to open at the development

Jonathan L./Yelp

Another tenant has been confirmed for Bellaire Food Street, bringing the count to seven so far.

The Chinese noodle chain Shi MiaoDao will serve up dishes from China’s Yunnan province in the exciting new Asiatown development at 9393 Bellaire Boulevard. According to reps for Bellaire Food Street, Shi MiaoDao operates over a thousand locations in China and recently expanded into Canada and New York City.

According to the restaurant’s website, diners can order from a plethora of rice noodle dish options topped with lamb, pork, chicken, fish, beef, and quail eggs, plus the Yunnan province’s signature “cross the bridge” noodle dish with ingredients like thinly sliced meat, corn, carrots, chives, sprouts, and more. Decidedly Chinese delicacies grace the menu like duck “web” i.e. deboned feet of the feathered fowl, alongside duck gizzard and neck, pigs feet, hot and sour fish, and tripe.

At Bellaire Food Street, Shi Miao Dao will join Fat Ni BBQ a Xinjiang-style skewered meats spot, Japanese teppanyaki Pepper Lunch, Beard Papa’s cream puff chain, Popfancy gourmet popsicles, plus Migo, a Saigon street food eatery, and Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese chain for shaved ice, along with a 10,000 square-foot food hall. As far as Eater’s count goes, the food development still has two more eateries left to announce.