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A Cafe Dedicated To Matcha Heads to Houston

Matcha Cafe Maiko is coming straight from Hawai’i

Matcha Cafe Maiko/Facebook

Honolulu export Matcha Cafe Maiko will bring its matcha-infused drinks and desserts to Houston this spring.

The local outpost at 6550 Corporate Drive is part of a continental expansion for the brand, which will open in Las Vegas this spring along with a San Francisco location that launched in January. For those unfamiliar with matcha, the naturally bright green powder is made from whole green tea leaves that have been pulverized. The fine powder, purportedly packed with tons of antioxidants, is then mixed into hot and cold drinks.

According to Maiko’s website, the shop’s matcha is imported directly from the long-established Harima Garden in the southern part of Kyoto, which is “renowned for making top-notch, highly nutritious matcha. The area is ideal as there is plenty of mist, which protects against frost from degrading product quality.”

Maiko is offering a variety of matcha-infused desserts including sponge cakes, soft-serve cones, lattes, frappes, and floats with toppings like mochi, chestnuts, and azuki beans. For purists, regular matcha tea will be on offer along with the spicier hoji tea.

No word yet on an official opening date or hours of operation, stay tuned as more details become available.